Asset Debt Recovery
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Asset Debt Recovery

Asset Debt Recovery buys debts secured by judgements, liens, mortgages, promissory note creditors and bankruptcy assets.

We buy debt without recourse to you and attempt to recover the debt at our cost.

If we buy the debt upfront then we offer you a fixed amount to buy the debt. However, if you prefer to work on contingency we can do that also (see below).

How do we recover the debt:

When we buy debt we don't always recover, however, with our resources we are successful much more often than not.

To recover the debt, we use a combination of research and investigatory techniques and systems to locate lost assets and funds for the satisfaction of outstanding secured debts that have most times been written off by the creditor.

After our initial research, more often than not when we embark on a file, we will locate lost moneys in accounts owing to the creditors that the debtors and creditors were unaware existed. Once located we start proceedings to use of those funds or assets for the satisfaction or partial satisfaction of the judgement debts.

In doing this we provide valuable services to both the debtor and the creditor in that:.

* The creditor recovers at least a portion of the money they are owed from bad debts that would otherwise not have been recovered.

* The debtor is also helped through the payment of that debt, as it enables the cleaning up the debtors credit score.

Working on Contingency

If you are unhappy with our offer to buy your debt then we can also work on contingency.

When we work on contingency, we have the debt assigned to us so that all of the legal and recovery costs incurred will be our costs and have no recourse to you. We don’t charge anything upfront for this service. The assignment agreement guarantees you a percentage of the gross amount of any funds we recover.

Even if we can’t collect the money, we do not charge you a fee! However, if we are successful in recovery of funds then the creditor receives an agreed percentage of the total we collect.

Where attorney fees and court costs are involved we can recover small debts for a fraction of what it would cost the creditor to hire an attorney to start the recovery process.

Services we render working on contingency include:

  • Identifying outstanding debts
  • Identifying and locating assets that can be used to pay for the debt
  • Finding and locating the creditors
  • Preparation of all documentation
  • All research and investigation
  • Attorney(s) fees - hiring Attorney as needed for Asset Debt Recovery to recover the debt
  • Filing appropriate documentation where necessary to create a claim on the asset
  • All paperwork
  • Recordation of court documents
  • Applications or petitions to court
  • Notification, as necessary of other creditors with a junior lien and/or the debtor, regarding the claim.
  • Disbursement of funds recovered
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